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At vytals®, we are driven by the idea of combining science and consumer insights to create a credible healthcare brand that consumers trust, and experts recommend. Driven by the aim of positioning ourselves as a leading healthcare company with an endeavour of redefining distribution mode in India, we are focusing on excellence and being the best-in-class through close interactions with consumers.

What we intend to do?

Our goal is to meet the everyday healthcare needs of our consumers through understanding their preferences and driving relentless research to fulfil these vide development of suitable ingredients and formulations. Through a strong online presence, we aim to cater to several healthcare needs of consumers through our products.

Our business focus would be on delivering innovations that matter to our consumers.

Nature of business

vytals® shall be engaged in the research & development, manufacturing and sales of innovative ingredients and formulations designed for both, consumers and businesses, Globally.


Manish Nigam

Manish has a career spanning almost two and half decades with deep understanding and experience in various aspects of the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Consumer Health business.

Manish was associated with companies such as Eli Lilly, Sun Pharma, AstraZeneca, Jubilant LifeScience and Dalmia Healthcare, in various senior leadership positions and has experience in managing growth, sustaining success, in a “start-up” environment as well as working in “turn around” situations.

Guiding Principles

Simplifying Healthcare Empowering Wellness


Enable people to manage their health and wellbeing


Address the health care decision dilemma


Extend reliable health outcome to all

Healthcare Simplified

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